Wednesday, July 9, 2008

San Diego Comic--Con 2008

Big Wow Art will again be attending the San Diego Comic-Con. This year, we will be located in booths 4405, 4407, 4504 and 4506. Featured attendees at the booth include: Travis Charest (with the debut of his new book, Space Girl, if it arrives in time), Ernie Chan (with his new sketchbook, Bare Beauties), Doug Sneyd, Dan Brereton, Michael Bair, Ted McKeever, Linda Tran and Justin Murray. VEI Studios (with Mr. Modok, Kasra Ghanbari) is also sharing the space with us as well.

A big thanks to Alberto Ruiz for the help in setting up this blog. Now the hard part -- for me to learn how to use it fully and to keep posting. :)

Once San Diego is done, more news on Super-Con 2009 in San Jose, California, on May 16/17, 2009. Some old and a number of great new guests to be announced. Stay tuned and thanks for checking out this blog. Best, Steve Morger.


Renee Witterstaetter said...
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Renee Witterstaetter said...

Thank you guys for a great Supercon 2009. Already looking forward to 2010. Love ya!! :-)

--R. Witterstaetter
M. Golden