Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2008 Super-Con Inking Panel - Adam Hughes

As we did last year, Super-Con (May 17/18 in San Jose, CA) will again be featuring an inking panel where numerous artists will be inking or painting over blue lines of pencil pieces provided by some of our guests.

This year will feature pencil art by Adam Hughes, Michael Golden and Ernie Chan. Each of the finished pieces will be auctioned at the show and absentee bidding will be available. The genesis of the inking panel came about from my friendship with a number of inkers -- Mike Bair, Buzz, Ernie Chan, Tony DeZuniga, and the list goes on -- and the ability to see each of them work. Given that each of the artists has their own distinct look, I thought it would be fun to see how different pieces would look with the same starting point. Frank Cho was nice enough last year to provide the base image and away we went.

The reaction was very good and many have volunteered to try their hand at this year's selections. As you can see, one image generates a myriad of different end products. As fortune would have have it, Bob Almond (another accomplished inker) had a similar idea of recognizing the contributions of inkers but on a much larger scale. Along with a number of other talented individuals, the Inkwell Awards were born. If you find the entries in this gallery of interest, I would strongly encourage you to check out and participate with the Inkwells. Go to and let the fun continue!

There are 8 Pieces of Art In This Gallery.

Adam Hughes' original pencils.

Michael Bair.

David Williams.

Mike Mayhew.

Jim Silke.

Charles Yoakum.

Dan Brereton.

Stephane Roux.

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