Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rolling into Con Season

Less than three weeks until convention season starts again with the New York Comic-Con. Really glad to see New York with a professional show but really wish they could schedule it some time other than the dead of winter. Hard to get excited about leaving the 70 degree weather here in California to roll the dice with New York weather in February. Anytime of the year, conventions are a good time to catch with friends you only get to see a few times each year. I won't be catching NYCC this year and will have to wait for WonderCon. For all of you going to NYCC, have a great time and hope the weather cooperates. For anyone going to WonderCon, I hope to see you there.

Guest list for Super-Con on May 16/17, 2009, in San Jose continues to grow. Additional guests since my last posting include returnees Michael Golden, Joe Jusko, Jim Silke, Howard Chaykin, Travis Charest, Craig Hamilton and Dan Brereton. Super-Con will also welcome newbies Pablo Marcos, Steve Englehart and Cat Staggs. The guest list will continue to grow so be sure to join us for what looks to be the best show yet and one of the strongest guests lists of any convention!

In my next posting, I should be announcing a couple special promotions which should be unveiled in conjunction with the full website rollout and the start of California's convention season at WonderCon.

See you next week! Best, Steve Morger.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good News and Some Not So Good

Congratulations to Jordi Bernet on his soon to be status as grandfather. Unfortunately the timing of his first grandchild's birth coincides with Super-Con 2009 so he had to bow out this year. He will be back for future shows.

While Jordi will be unable to attend this year, we do have a number of new guests to announce. First and foremost:

Eduardo Risso will be (so far as I know) making his first convention appearance in the Bay Area. Big thanks to Enrico Salvini of for helping to arrange Eduardo's trip here from Argentina. Given that 100 Bullets will be wrapping up its award winning run, this should be a great time to meet Eduardo.

Arthur Suydam has also agreed to come out for the show. As The Man behind Marvel's Zombie craze, Arthur is as hot as they come and even more talented.

In a return engagement, I am very happy to announce that Adam Hughes and Allison Sohn will be back for the show in 2009. As always, Adam's work will be sizzling. Covers, statues (from the look of things maybe two distinct lines), posters, sketchbooks -- the man is everywhere setting the bar higher and higher.

The inking panel (and auction) will again return. I have the first piece, Lady Robotika (which debutted last year at Super-Con) by Bill Morrison. Lady Robotika is based on Jane Wiedlin, a frequent guest at Super-Con. The pencil art looks great and will be posted in a subsequent entry. I'm dying to see what our talented guests will do with this one. We've got three other pencil pieces in the pipeline which I will announce when received.

More guests and news next week. With the new year, I'll endeavor to post new information every week or two. As always, please feel free to direct any questions to me (Steve Morger) at either or Many thanks for your continued support! Best, Steve.