Sunday, April 12, 2009

Inking Panel

A quick update for today.  I just started posting the first pieces I've received for the inking panel.  They can be viewed at .  Enjoy!  I will be posting more finished pieces as they come in.

Remember a number of our guests will be taking advance commission orders including Pablo Marcos, Ernie Chan, Tony DeZuniga and Alex Nino.  Please check out the guest list and I'll answer any questions you might have.  (Sorry, but I know Frank Cho, Adam Hughes and Travis Charest are NOT taking advance commission requests.)

Advance discount tickets remain on sale.  Please go to and click on the ticket link.  Hotel rooms at the San Jose Marriott are also available at the special con rate for the next 3 weeks.  The special con rate will NOT be available the week before the show so be sure to book early to get the great rate.  The San Jose Marriott is a beautiful hotel and less than a block from the show.

More later.  Best, Steve Morger.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Still More Guests

A ton of news for this entry.

First, guests, guests and more guests.  We're happy to announce that Whilce Portacio, Humberto Ramos, Steve Niles, Eric Basaldua (Ebas), Mike Mayhew, Sean Galloway and Francisco Herrera have been confirmed for this year's show.

We've also finalized the pencil pieces for this year's inking panel and auction.  The four pencils will be by Bill Morrison (Jane Wiedlin's "Lady Robotika"), Mark Schultz (beautiful woman and dinosaur), Alex Ross (Poison Ivy) and Jack Kirby (Captain America).  Many of our guests have agreed to try their hands at finishing one or more of the pencils, including Frank Cho, Joe Jusko, Dan Brereton, Tim Vigil, Ernie Chan, Tony DeZuniga and a host of others.  As with every year, this will be a fun and educational endeavor.  As finished pieces are received (I've gotten some finished pieces from Ernie Chan and Bill Morrison already), they will be posted in Super-Con's gallery at  

Anime anyone?  This year, Super-Con will feature an anime pavilion with super anime guests including Crispin Freeman, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham and Vic Mignogna.  If anime is your calling, we'll be the place for you this year.

Media guests?  Yep, Bruce Dern (Big Love), John Dolmayan (System of a Down), C. Andrew Nelson (Darth Vader in Star Wars Special Edition), John Wesley Shipp (The Flash), Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation), and Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go's and Lady Robotika).   More will be announced as we get closer to the show.

Tickets?  Yep, advance discount tickets are available via Paypal.  Just go to the website and click on the links.  Tickets are also available at many of the better local comic book shops.   Whether on-line or from your local comic shop, buy your tickets early and save over the price at the door!

Finally, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti will not be able to attend this year due to other commitments.  We hope to see them back at next year's show.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to drop me a line at  Hope to see you all at this year's show on May 16 and 17, 2009, at the San Jose Convention Center, South Hall!  Best, Steve Morger.

Monday, February 16, 2009

More Guests And WonderCon News

First off, I'm more than happy to announce the addition of Talent Caldwell and Joe Benitez as guests for Super-Con 2009.  Working on a couple other contemporaries of theirs for this year's show so I'll keep you posted as news develops.

Unfortunately, Mark Schultz was double booked and won't be able to make this year's show.  Wish all of my posts were about new guests but trying to keep you as up to date as possible.  Mark has indicated that he would do a piece for this year's inking panel.  Still working on one more piece but looks like this year's pencil pieces will be by Bill Morrison, Jack Kirby (a brilliant Captain America pencil), Mark Schultz and one more yet to be confirmed.  This variety of pencil pieces will again give all of us the opportunity to see what inkers bring to each and every piece they touch.  (As an aside, be sure to check out the Inkwell Awards for more on the special touch that inkers bring to our beloved comics.)

Steve Wyatt (the other Super-Con Steve) will be set up at WonderCon.  Look for the Super-Con name in the program and the Super-Con posters at his booth.  In addition to an amazing array of old comics, a fabulous run of comic magazines (Warren, Skywald, etc.) and some original art, Steve will have the first crack at Super-Con 2009 tickets.  To start ticket sales with a bang, not only will the tickets be offered at the pre-show discount, we will be offering an autographed photo from last year's guest of honor, Jorge Garcia (of "Lost" -- the best show on TV) to everyone buying a two day pass.  Photos are limited so be sure to find Steve early.

I'm also working on a special bonus for anyone who attends the show and stays at our convention hotel, the San Jose Marriott.   We recognize the extra expense that it costs to stay at the hotel and want to try to give back a little bit in appreciation.

More next week.  Best, Steve Morger.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rolling into Con Season

Less than three weeks until convention season starts again with the New York Comic-Con. Really glad to see New York with a professional show but really wish they could schedule it some time other than the dead of winter. Hard to get excited about leaving the 70 degree weather here in California to roll the dice with New York weather in February. Anytime of the year, conventions are a good time to catch with friends you only get to see a few times each year. I won't be catching NYCC this year and will have to wait for WonderCon. For all of you going to NYCC, have a great time and hope the weather cooperates. For anyone going to WonderCon, I hope to see you there.

Guest list for Super-Con on May 16/17, 2009, in San Jose continues to grow. Additional guests since my last posting include returnees Michael Golden, Joe Jusko, Jim Silke, Howard Chaykin, Travis Charest, Craig Hamilton and Dan Brereton. Super-Con will also welcome newbies Pablo Marcos, Steve Englehart and Cat Staggs. The guest list will continue to grow so be sure to join us for what looks to be the best show yet and one of the strongest guests lists of any convention!

In my next posting, I should be announcing a couple special promotions which should be unveiled in conjunction with the full website rollout and the start of California's convention season at WonderCon.

See you next week! Best, Steve Morger.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good News and Some Not So Good

Congratulations to Jordi Bernet on his soon to be status as grandfather. Unfortunately the timing of his first grandchild's birth coincides with Super-Con 2009 so he had to bow out this year. He will be back for future shows.

While Jordi will be unable to attend this year, we do have a number of new guests to announce. First and foremost:

Eduardo Risso will be (so far as I know) making his first convention appearance in the Bay Area. Big thanks to Enrico Salvini of for helping to arrange Eduardo's trip here from Argentina. Given that 100 Bullets will be wrapping up its award winning run, this should be a great time to meet Eduardo.

Arthur Suydam has also agreed to come out for the show. As The Man behind Marvel's Zombie craze, Arthur is as hot as they come and even more talented.

In a return engagement, I am very happy to announce that Adam Hughes and Allison Sohn will be back for the show in 2009. As always, Adam's work will be sizzling. Covers, statues (from the look of things maybe two distinct lines), posters, sketchbooks -- the man is everywhere setting the bar higher and higher.

The inking panel (and auction) will again return. I have the first piece, Lady Robotika (which debutted last year at Super-Con) by Bill Morrison. Lady Robotika is based on Jane Wiedlin, a frequent guest at Super-Con. The pencil art looks great and will be posted in a subsequent entry. I'm dying to see what our talented guests will do with this one. We've got three other pencil pieces in the pipeline which I will announce when received.

More guests and news next week. With the new year, I'll endeavor to post new information every week or two. As always, please feel free to direct any questions to me (Steve Morger) at either or Many thanks for your continued support! Best, Steve.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Let the Super-Con Season Begin!

While still six months out, we're starting to again provide one of the best guest lists of any convention and easily the best guest list for a convention our size anywhere in the world. If you want to go to a show where the ratio of guests to pros is as good as you can find, Super-Con is the place to be!

Super-Con will occur on May 16 and 17, 2009, at the San Jose Convention Center, South Hall. As with the past years, our convention hotel will be the San Jose Marriott -- a beautiful hotel complementing our awesome show.

Now that guests are starting to confirm their appearances, it's time to start announcing the list. Note that the guest list will continue to grow so check back here for more in the weeks and months ahead.

The following guests are now confirmed:

Jordi Bernet will be one of guests of honor! Jordi will be coming in from Spain and is known for many projects including Torpedo, Clara, Jonah Hex, Batman and many other projects.

Jimmy Palmiotti - superstar writer and artist (and writer of Jordi's Jonah Hex work), Jimmy will be returning this year to Super-Con.

Amanda Conner - superstar artist on many titles and the creator of last year's infamous breakfast cereal "Cho Ho's"! If you aren't familiar with this mouth watering treat, shame on you -- you should have been there last year!

Frank Cho - the Monkey Boy himself with more of his unique take on jungle girls, Mars maidens and best selling comic titles everywhere.

Bill Morrison - Bongo Comics (Simpsons) great and co-creator with Jane Wiedlin of Lady Robotika.

Jason Palmer - Painter extraordinaire of Serenity, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and many other projects.

David Williams - Hulk/Power Pack and some of the most amazing convention drawings you've ever seen!

Steve Mannion - Wally Wood at his "Mad-est" and you've got Steve's amazing take on comics.

Stuart Sayger - Another unique talent with an incredible style unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Michael Bair - From my biased perspective, maybe the best inker and finisher in the biz!

Ray Lago - Little Annie Fanny, Vampirella and many other titles - Ray's watercolors set the bar at Super-Con for everyone else.

We will again be featuring the ever popular inking panel (just wait til you see who our pencillers will be this year!) along with our auction of the finished pieces.

Dozens of more artists to come. Be sure to check back periodically.

Best, Steve Morger.

P.S. For questions, please feel free to e-mail me directly at

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

San Diego Comic--Con 2008

Big Wow Art will again be attending the San Diego Comic-Con. This year, we will be located in booths 4405, 4407, 4504 and 4506. Featured attendees at the booth include: Travis Charest (with the debut of his new book, Space Girl, if it arrives in time), Ernie Chan (with his new sketchbook, Bare Beauties), Doug Sneyd, Dan Brereton, Michael Bair, Ted McKeever, Linda Tran and Justin Murray. VEI Studios (with Mr. Modok, Kasra Ghanbari) is also sharing the space with us as well.

A big thanks to Alberto Ruiz for the help in setting up this blog. Now the hard part -- for me to learn how to use it fully and to keep posting. :)

Once San Diego is done, more news on Super-Con 2009 in San Jose, California, on May 16/17, 2009. Some old and a number of great new guests to be announced. Stay tuned and thanks for checking out this blog. Best, Steve Morger.