Monday, February 16, 2009

More Guests And WonderCon News

First off, I'm more than happy to announce the addition of Talent Caldwell and Joe Benitez as guests for Super-Con 2009.  Working on a couple other contemporaries of theirs for this year's show so I'll keep you posted as news develops.

Unfortunately, Mark Schultz was double booked and won't be able to make this year's show.  Wish all of my posts were about new guests but trying to keep you as up to date as possible.  Mark has indicated that he would do a piece for this year's inking panel.  Still working on one more piece but looks like this year's pencil pieces will be by Bill Morrison, Jack Kirby (a brilliant Captain America pencil), Mark Schultz and one more yet to be confirmed.  This variety of pencil pieces will again give all of us the opportunity to see what inkers bring to each and every piece they touch.  (As an aside, be sure to check out the Inkwell Awards for more on the special touch that inkers bring to our beloved comics.)

Steve Wyatt (the other Super-Con Steve) will be set up at WonderCon.  Look for the Super-Con name in the program and the Super-Con posters at his booth.  In addition to an amazing array of old comics, a fabulous run of comic magazines (Warren, Skywald, etc.) and some original art, Steve will have the first crack at Super-Con 2009 tickets.  To start ticket sales with a bang, not only will the tickets be offered at the pre-show discount, we will be offering an autographed photo from last year's guest of honor, Jorge Garcia (of "Lost" -- the best show on TV) to everyone buying a two day pass.  Photos are limited so be sure to find Steve early.

I'm also working on a special bonus for anyone who attends the show and stays at our convention hotel, the San Jose Marriott.   We recognize the extra expense that it costs to stay at the hotel and want to try to give back a little bit in appreciation.

More next week.  Best, Steve Morger.

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